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Because of poor infrastructure and little means of production in country, a good portion of items for sale in Nicaragua are imported from the United States.  As you can imagine, the cost of living is very high.  This is why sponsoring a student in Nicaragua is more expensive than in some other parts of the world.

When sending extra money to your student, please keep in mind that funding is wired to Nicaragua the month after it is deposited.  For example: a check mailed at the end of January will be deposited in February, and wired in March.  Banking fees necessarily limit us to one wire per month.

We do accept payment online via PayPal.  Please note, however, that all funds processed through PayPal incur a fee, and you will need to add 3.5% to every transaction.

Your annual sponsorship pays for your student’s monthly stipend and for the Nicaraguans we employ to run our program in Jinotega.  Repair of our facility in Jinotega, general costs, as well as other expenses are drawn from our General Fund.  Please keep us in mind for fundraising opportunities, as the General Fund is always in need of replenishing.

Because CdA is run by volunteers, who often have very busy lives, we are developing ways to streamline our organization.  There are some very important (though, perhaps, subtle) changes coming down the line.  As sponsors, you’ll be the first to hear about them.

Checks sent to our PO Box are picked up and processed approximately twice a month.  Please note that it can take up to three weeks for your check to make it to, and clear, the bank.  We do our best to process checks more quickly, but some months are busier than others.


While the U.S. school year is from September through June (approximately), the Nicaraguan school year runs from February through November (approximately).  There are six years of elementary school in Nicaragua, followed by five years of high school.  University programs often take up to six years to complete.

We are grateful for the chance to speak or staff a table at local events.  Please let us know if you can help or recommend an event.

Board meetings are quarterly in the Huntington Beach, CA area and open to the public.  If you would like to attend, please contact us for times and dates.