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Payments & Gifts

Standard Sponsorship Costs

Sponsorship amounts are as follows:

  • Primary/High School sponsorships – $578/year ($48.17/month)
  • University sponsorships start at $758/year ($63.17/month)

Your sponsorship provides a monthly stipend for your student, as well as the program assistance she receives from our staff.  It also includes a special $50 holiday gift that is given to each family in the month of December.

We are very flexible with our payment schedules.  You can donate annually, semi-annually, quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly.  Invoices are sent based on your payment schedule, and we ask that you fulfill them within 30 days.  Please contact us if you are unable to pay on your current schedule, as we are happy to accommodate changes.

Sponsorship Payments Types

Payments or donations by check are preferred.  If you would like to pay by creditcard, you can do so from this site, using PayPal.  Please note that, because Paypal charges a service fee, you will need to add 3.5% to your donation to cover the total amount of your sponsorship. Many of our donors find it easiest to set up automatic Bill Pay with their banks.  We are happy to help you do this — please contact us for further assistance.

Mail checks to:

Circulo de Amigas
PO Box 6605
Huntington Beach, CA 92615-6605

Student Monetary Gifts

If you would like to send a monetary gift to your student, please keep it small.  We suggest:

  • $20 for a birthday
  • $35 for their 15th birthday
  • $40 for graduation

On your check, indicate what the extra funds are for and send it to us at the above address.  Please note that your student will receive her monetary gift the month after it is deposited.

The reason to keep student gifts small is to avoid too much inequality or envy between siblings or families. If you would like to help on a larger scale, please check with us regarding what your student’s family needs most – they may need a new roof, flood abatement repairs, a latrine, or a bed.

Alternatively you may make a donation to CdA and indicate that it is for the most urgent home repair in the community – your student may already have a working roof and latrine; some families currently do not, and we keep a list of the most urgent needs.